Paddy reduces Mandy to tears when he admits that despite everything he still loves her. It really takes the wind out of mad Mandy's sails - who has only stopped him to issue a warning to keep his interfering mother away from her. It's clear both of them are fighting their true emotions, but Mandy says she can never have Paddy back after he refused to lend her family the money to buy their home, especially now they have been evicted. Scott twists his gullible mother Viv around his little finger as he tells his version of the Cass story and how he came to be discharged from the army on psychological grounds. Cass, he says, made all the running and when he spurned her advances she sought revenge by telling her medical officer husband. He arranged for Scott to be discharged on medical grounds, but as a pay-back changed it to psychological. Chris is playing detectives in his efforts to bring Kim and Steve to book. He's worked out that the actual robbery probably took place during the day and that the rest was faked. He presents his theory to DI Spalding who is interested enough to pull the Marchants in for more questioning. But without evidence he is powerless to hold them. Rachel is finding life tough putting up with her temporary lodgers, Butch and Zak. A single girl doesn't take kindly to finding a pair of dirty socks soaking in her sink first thing in the morning!


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