Chris's pursuit of Kim and Steve runs into double trouble. First he discovers Laura has appointed Steve as her admin clerk. And as if that wasn't enough he is forced to eat humble pie when Kim later tells him that his slanderous accusations are having a marked affect on business - and damaging hers and her husband's reputations. If he doesn't stop she'll consider suing him. Mandy is still reeling from the decision reached at the Dingle ' summit. Dingle honour means she must give Paddy up, or become an outcast like Marlon. Meanwhile, Paddy, unaware of this, tells his mother that he'll marry Mandy just to spite her. Alan is apoplectic when Tricia comes back from the cash and carry with mountains of extra goods and even a box full of fireworks - for an unplanned party - and a TV and video for her bedroom. But as usual her charms soon melt his anger and he forgives her. Chelsea gives Andy a hard time and steals his bus money. And for the first time since the crash Kathy begins to stir. Could she be about to snap-out of her coma?


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