Barbara Kirk is vying with Viv for the title mother-from-hell as she tries to find ways to end her son's on-off relationship with Mandy and after chatting to her new found ally she believes she's discovered the Dingles Achilles heel - money! First she tries to offer Mandy money to set-up her own business - but only if she'll leave Emmerdale. Then when she's rudely turned down, she offers Mandy several thousand pounds to marry someone else. Suddenly Mandy seems to pay attention. Kathy has started to move, but Betty jumps the gun saying that she's on a fast track to recovery. None of this is good news for Steve and once again Chris doesn't waste the opportunity with a poor joke that Kathy is already talking to the police. After a good fill at The Woolpack Steve rolls home to a less than pleased Kim. He's still worried that Kathy might have seen him, despite what he'd earlier told his wife. Kim starts to get the impression Steve hasn't told her everything. Chelsea and Donna give a whole new meaning to girl power when they start to pick on Andy and break his watch. Zoe has a few choice words for Laura who, after evicting several of the village's sitting tenants, is now planning to move into Emmerdale herself.


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