Steve is provoked beyond reasonable bounds and lunges at Chris when he crudely implies he'd have preferred it, had Kathy not started to recover. Luckily, Laura is on hand to separate the warring factions, as Steve looks set to wipe the smug look from Chris's face and haul him from his wheelchair. It looks like the residents of a housing estate in Leeds are about to have their worst nightmare come true ... the Dingles as neighbours. Zak and Lisa seem almost resigned to moving into a council estate when suddenly Mandy blurts out Barbara's outrageous offer. Lisa is shocked that both Zak and Mandy seem interested in the idea. Andy is so bothered by the un-ladylike antics of Chelsea and Donna, he feigns illness to get a day off school. And Woolpack regulars give Laura the silent treatment when she pops into the pub for a drink.


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