The race is on to find a groom for Mandy. Zak, much to Lisa's annoyance is fully in favour of a deal that will mean they can buy their home. He draws up a list of prospective husbands, but when Mandy collars Roy to be the lucky man, he turns her down flat. She has one last go at Paddy to lend them the £6,000 to buy the farmhouse, but marches off in a huff when he stands his ground. Later she finds an ideal candidate to fulfill the business proposition - her grinning cousin Butch. Robert is surprised when Andy backs down to Donna who later pinches one of his school books and throws it in the stream. Laura tells Kim about Steve's spat with Chris and asks if she'll tell him not to rise to the bait. Alan leaves the bar in the capable hands of Terry and Tricia. Terry tells Tricia this is the chance they've both been looking for but her look says that perhaps it isn't! And Biff is astounded when Kathy opens her eyes and asks what's happened.


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