Steve is hoping to cut a deal with the police by coming clean about the robbery. He tells his version of the story, carefully editing out the bits that involved Kim, in the hope that he will get away with a more lenient sentence for being co-operative. But DI Spalding is not convinced and leaves Steve high and dry when he demands to know where all the money is. The horse was worth around £300,000 yet Steve claims he only received the £10,000 found on him as he tried to leave the country - which doesn't add up! Barbara is at her manipulative best when she tries to entice Paddy to leave the country with a paid-for holiday. He's deeply suspicious, but as yet remains oblivious to the reasons why. Robert is grounded for punching Donna. Andy wants to tell Jack and Sarah why, Ned asks Jack if it is possible Donna was the bully the lads mentioned. Ashley tries to talk to Mandy about the wedding. He knows he's broken Butch's confidence but feels they're making a grave mistake. Mandy is having none of it and says that it is the only way the Dingles can save their home.


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