Ashley is looking for divine intervention as he gets caught in the middle of a "Holy War". First Butch is less than pleasant with him for telling Mandy that he knows about the wedding. Then he is accosted by Paddy who has realised something is happening behind his back. But Paddy is hardly prepared for what the vicar reluctantly tells him. The temporary Woolpack bar is opened in the village hall. Everything's going fine until Terry turns up as a guest of Tricia. Alan still hasn't forgiven him for the fire at The Woolpack and gives him his marching orders. Terry though has other things on his mind, like an interview with a brewery for a manager's job. Chris is invited for a meal by Laura and is coaxed into revealing the full story about his and Kim's long-standing war-of-words. And Eric is cleverly out-manoeuvred by Laura and forced to drop his claim for compensation against Alan for the slight injury he suffered when the pub burned down.


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