Paddy is on the warpath after finding out about Mandy's wedding to Butch. First he confronts Lisa but she says he'll have to speak to Mandy herself. When the pair finally meet it's clear Mandy is torn between her love of Paddy and her loyalty to her family. Paddy is unaware of his mother's involvement at this stage and jumps to all the wrong conclusions. Butch is desperate to change his image and twists Biff's arm to go shopping with him. Donna and Chelsea are in big trouble when they give Robert a real beating on the first day of term. Rachel and Graham kiss and make up after his unannounced holiday at half term. And Tricia sends out the wrong signals to Terry when she wishes him well for an interview with a brewery for a pub manager's job, Scott watches on amused and says smugly he knows there's only person she really fancies. Biff offers support to Kathy when the doctors tell her she can't leave hospital, even though she swears she feels fine. Laura tries to convince Chris to be more positive and not focus on his doubts about Kim's innocence in the case against Steve; meanwhile, as Steve tells Kim that if he tells where the money is, he'll get a lighter sentence, Kim encourages him to keep quiet, and tells him she can't visit him anymore.


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