The Sugdens celebrate Rosemary's birthday, whilst Henry, Matt and Joe discover cracks in The Mill, leaving it unsafe.


Amos is hungover following the meeting at The Woolpack the previous night. The Sugdens discover it is Rosemary's birthday and wish her well. She is irritated when Joe calls her 'Rosie' and points out that her name is 'Rosemary'. She receives a card from her mother and Sam promises her a calf as a present. Amos shows Henry the final advert he's planning to use for The Woolpack. Henry points out that their opening date isn't mentioned. Joe and Matt take Henry to The Mill after they discover cracks appearing in the walls. Henry thinks it'll have to be knocked down and worries how to tell Annie. Annie points out to Sam that Matt doesn't attend church often enough to be considered Church Warden. Annie discovers Rosemary's father used to call her 'Rosie'. She advises Joe to treat Rosemary with care and explains that her mother is in hospital due to a nervous breakdown. Matt and Joe find out that Annie already knows that The Mill is no longer safe.


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