After weeks of torment Mandy prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice for her family, saving their home by marrying Butch. Her mood is sombre, not that of the blushing bride, and it seems that deep down she has finally come to realise the enormity of what she is about to do. Butch is oblivious to Mandy's deeper thoughts, his mind is more focused on getting through the ceremony without the intervention of Paddy. In his eyes this is a proper wedding. Zak is selfishly dreaming of getting his house back, while Lisa senses Mandy's malaise, yet appears to be powerless to act. Barbara is rubbing her hands in glee and truly believes the £6,000 she's promised the Dingles if the wedding goes ahead, is money well spent. It's unlikely Paddy will see it this way when he finds out she is behind the whole charade. But will Mandy come to her senses? Will Paddy rush in "Graduate" style and whisk his love away? Or will Zak and Barbara get what they're both after? Whatever happens viewers can be certain of high drama and emotion.


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