Zak has got everything he wanted - his house back and his family under one roof again. But the sacrifice Mandy has made has gone over his head and he rushes headlong into organising a party, to celebrate their return. When Zak finally announces what's gone on, there's stunned silence and Mandy rushes out, closely followed by Kelly saying she now knows she's made a huge mistake. Zoe throws a party to celebrate Paddy's partnership in the vets practice. He tells everyone it's the first day of the rest of his life. Sarah and Viv are at each other's throats on the school trip. And when Viv spots Rachel and Graham sharing a stolen kiss she goes ballistic. Tricia tells Terry she can't go to Scotland with him. Kathy wins a holiday to London for two. But who will she take with her? And Kim collars Laura at Paddy's party and seeks professional advice on Steve and the question of divorce. Laura naively mentions this to Chriswhose mind starts to do somersaults.


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