Laura blows her top with supersleuth Chris after hearing that he spilled the beans on Kim's planned divorce from Steve. He went to see Steve in Home Farm time and as far as she's concerned he's on a final warning. If he transgresses, she tells him she'll fire him, shareholder or not. Kim goes to see Steve again and he suggests that they split the ¢200,000 they made from the horse theft and hand over half to DI Spalding, claiming that was what he made from the deal. Kim is sceptical and the mood between the couple grows ever more tense. Roy is thumbing through a magazine and suddenly pales when he thinks he spots Lord Alex Oakwell, the man responsible for killing his sister, in a photograph. Mandy informs the family shes off to see her dad. He heard about the wedding and is unhappy ... he wants a cut of the money! Lisa has a heart to heart with Butch and tells him what Ashley said. Butch is taken-aback but promises her he's always loved Mandy, he realises she will never return the love, and he can handle it. Lisa isn't sure whether to believe him. Kathy has tried just about everyone she can think of to join her for her competition prize trip to London. Marlon tells her he'd be delighted to chaperone her and after some thought she agrees. Eric has business in the smoke and with Marlon already tied up, needs help. Roy butts-in and says he'll go o no matter how little he's paid.


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