Steve has seen the writing on the wall, and accompanied by his solicitor is driven from the remand centre to the police station to talk to DI Spalding. He wants to change his statement and is intent on implicating Kim. She masterminded the whole thing, he tells the detective. Officers are immediately dispatched to Home Farm and Kim is asked to go with them for more questioning. DI Spalding puts the new allegations to her, and hiding her initial shock, she coolly tells him her husband has changed his statement because she's decided to divorce him. Will the police believe her or is this the start of the slippery slope? Scott is sick of Terry mooching round Tricia. He tells her if she doesn't tell the besotted barman she's going out with him, he'll do it himself. Graham tells Rachel he wants to move their relationship on. The couple, decide to go to the diner and share kiss in front of Betty, knowing that way the news will quickly spread round the village. But when they embrace the wily waitress ignores them. Kathy and Marlon set off to London for a well earned holiday while Roy jumps into Eric's delivery van to head off on an antiques job.


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