Scott is putting Tricia through an emotional assault course. He's demanded she tell lovestruck Terry they are an item or he will dump her ... or deliver the news himself. And at the end of a hard days pulling behind the bar Tricia finally gets the chance to speak to Terry alone. But as she struggles over the right words Scott suddenly appears. Can he really be so heartless and spill the beans on the affair? Chris takes the afternoon off when he gets a call from the blue from Steve, wanting to see him. Steve wants Chris to help him nail Kim and the two form an unlikely partnership. After Steve has told Chris the full stow they suddenly realise there is one piece of evidence alone that could nail their target ... the phone call made to Steve during the fake theft. Betty last pulled a pint before Tricia was born and the punters are left literally foaming when the latest recruit to the village hall bar serves up more froth than bitter. Alan decides he must get a temp, but can he let Betty down lightly?


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