Chris is working feverishly to bring about the downfall of his former step-mother. After his chat with Steve he's found a record of Kim's mobile phone calls in the Home Farm offices - and in particular the call she made on the night of the theft when Steve was supposed to be upstairs. Suddenly the police sit-up and take notice. Both Ashley and Zoe are pulled back in for questioning about Kim's precise movements on that night. And they start to investigate the claims that Helen Dixon bought Orsino. Later that day Kim is talking with Zoe when suddenly the police arrive. Has the net finally closed on her? Bernice Blackstock the new bar temp drops herself and Alan in it when she says she understands her new landlady Betty is 'a dragon' while shopping in the Post Office. Unfortunately the person she's speaking to is - Betty. Terry appears a broken man and moves his things out of the Post Office after learning that Scott and Tricia have been sleeping together. Later he claws back some self-esteem when he wishes Tricia well and says he's there for her, as a pal, if things don't work out with Scott.


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