There's a shock in store for shareholders of Home Farm when Laura announces Lady Tara has instructed her to sell off the entire estate. Chris realises this might be his final chance to fill his father's boots. The villagers gather for the grand re-opening of The Woolpack, but Seth's speech goes slightly awry when he suggests it would have been nicer had Terry been around - and that he still pines for the days of Amos and Henry. Alan is put out but still extends the hand of friendship to his longest serving customer by offering him a particular seat at the bar with a plaque denoting the spot. Seth typically insists on trying each seat in turn and says he can only get a real feel if he has a pint in front of him ... preferably free. With the toy fair looming Eric collars Andy and Robert and asks them to search through items at their house for anything that might be of use. He knows they'll find Ned's bear. Kathy tells Biff of her row with Rachel and that he's not to serve her in the diner. Later Rachel warns Biff if Kathy has turned on her, he'd better watch out too. Rachel turns to Chris as the only one who can talk some sense into Kathy, he agrees to help. And Paddy gets the third degree from Butch when he catches him talking to Mandy in The Woolpack.


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