Paddy is cornered by Mandy after giving her the silent treatment and Mandy is anything but silent when Paddy tells her why. He explains that Butch has threatened him and said that he, and Mandy were now really man and wife. Poor Mandy storms off looking for Butch and gives him a real roasting. Her poor "husband" professes his love - but Mandy is in no mood for reconciliation and tells him he makes her skin creep. Andy takes his dad more food, and again he waxes lyrical about Amsterdam. Suddenly there's a sound at the door of the derelict Glover home. It's Laura and a workman come to mend the broken lock. Laura walks into the house and Andy is terrified by his father's actions. There's a tense moment as she stands only inches from discovering them before turning to walk away. Eric oozes charm as he goes for his lunch date with Laura. They share a slap up meal washed down with fine wines before the wheeler-dealer impresses her with his piece-de-resistance. He convinces the owner of the restaurant to part with a water-colour painting in return for the meal they've eaten and a far less valuable oil painting. Stella is impressed.


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