Christmas Day is in full swing as the Dingles try to put on a brave united front and regulars of The Woolpack enjoy a communal meal. Billy, meanwhile, is busy plotting to rob the Post Office so he has enough money to get him and Andy across the North Sea to Holland. Marlon cautiously arrives at the Dingles, having had a real earful from his girlfriend Lyn. Butch arrives late looking very sheepish and the clan, nervously, settle down to dinner. Elsewhere, Andy prepares to leave the Sugdens to meet his dad. The family has a special announcement to make - they want to formally adopt him. But the youngster has other things on his mind and hardly reacts. Paddy is called out in the middle of his Christmas dinner to tend the Dingles sick pigs. But he can hardly imagine the situation he walks into when Lisa unexpectedly gives birth to a baby girl. Meanwhile, Alan explains that he is running out of food due to the unexpected large turn out. Vic offers to return to the shop to get some puddings to give to Alan. Vic goes to the shop but is held at gunpoint by Billy. The two soon become locked in a struggle when Vic tries to sound the alarm. However, Vic falls against some shelves, seriously injuring himself. Vic pleads with Billy, who has also been injured, to call for an ambulance but he runs off. Back at the Woolpack, Viv goes to find Vic, but finds more interest in listening to gossip about Eric. Terry goes to the shop instead and discovers Vic, already dead. Terry calls the police and ambulance and informs the Windsors of Vic's death.


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