It is the day of Vic's funeral. Kelly and Viv are at each other's throats. Following the funeral, tensions run high and Kelly and Viv have a massive argument, reducing Viv to a flood of tears. Meanwhile, Chris continues his amateur sleuthing and notices something very odd about Kim's behaviour. Elsewhere, a detective finishes taking Andy's statement and tells the terrified youngster he could have been in very serious trouble, while Lisa lays into Zak with a few home truths


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  • This New Year's Eve episode was broadcast at the early time of 5:40pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,630,000 viewers (21st place).

Memorable dialogue

Eric Pollard: "I hear that homicidal maniac Billy Hopwood's been taken into custody."
Kathy Glover: "Poor Andy. Must've been dreadful for him."
Eric Pollard: "Poor Andy? Hahaha. Poor Vic, he's the one that's dead."
Chris Tate: "I think we appreciate that. It is why we're here, after all."
Eric Pollard: "Ah, but do you appreciate that it was that little thug Andy that was hiding his father all along?"
Kathy Glover: "Look, Andy's a good kid. Billy Hopwood must've forced him."
Eric Pollard: "Yeah. I blame it on those Sugdens. Letting those boys run riot."
(Ned grabs Eric by the collar)
Ned Glover: "If I hear anymore of this poisonous drivel, we'll be going to your funeral. All right?"
Kim Tate: (to Eric) "Somehow I don't think you'd get such a big turnout, do you?"

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