Chris has been dreaming of the day his former step mother was brought to book. He blames her for the death of his father and has worked tirelessly to help build up evidence of her involvement in the stud farm theft. But when Kim gives evidence, she maliciously touches a raw nerve. She claims he could never accept her as his father's wife and that while Chris idolised Frank as a self made man, the feeling was not mutual. She says Frank never thought Chris was up to it and in fact told her he despised him. It's too much for Chris to hand and in a fit of rage he is expelled from court. Graham opens up about his wife and explains how she committed suicide with an overdose of anti-depressants. He had sworn to himself that from that day he would remain a single man. And despite an early call from the following morning at the Sugdens and the worries of Lyn, Paddy decides to go clubbing with Tricia. With Zoe embroiled in the court proceedings and Paddy out to have a good time, things are not looking good for the business.


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