Seth has been running an unofficial book on Kim's changes of being acquitted. It's ranged from three-to-one at the stat of the trial to twenty-to-one following Kathy's testimony. But events tonight will send those odds tumbling. Kim appears to be sitting pretty until suddenly Kathy has second thoughts and asks to be allowed to give evidence again. Kim's counsel Derbyshire looks grim-faced as the judge agrees to her request. And she puts the cat among the pigeons when she says that contrary to her initial evidence she is concerned that her recollections of the night of the crash were placed in her mind when Kim visited her in hospital - before the police had a chance to interview her. She admits she is now unsure whether she trusts Kim. Derbyshire tries his best to rubbish this new evidence raking up Kathy's psychological problems since the crash - but it's clear the damage has been done. Kim sits ashen-faced with a look of resignation - Steve by contrast wears a wide smile. The judge concludes his summing up and tells the jury that they must spend the night in a hotel before delivering their verdict. That night Kim has some decision to make and with her world caving in around her is about to experience one more devastating blow. For Chris has been hard at work too. Dishevelled Paddy angers Jack when he turns up for his appointment late and without his equipment. And we see a darker side to Graham when Rachel gently teases him in the pub about getting the name of an actor in a film wrong.


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