The village gears itself up for the verdicts in the Kim and Steve trial. Steve is accused for the robbery and hit and run, while Kim just escaped having set Steve up. In the end, Steve is sentenced to 10 years. Seth and his dog Charlie make a startling discovery finding Chris's body lifeless at Home Farm. Graham is full of remorse for his angry outburst against Rachel and confesses that he loves her. He agrees once and for all that living together would be a great idea and even suggests moving his things in straight away. Graham explains that his first wife was always putting him down in front of other people and felt that Rachel was doing the same. But he now realises that he over-reacted and they have a solid future in front of them. Ned goes on a shopping errand with Sarah and bumps into old flame Dawn. She reveals that she's been widowed and the two clearly get on like a house on fire.


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