Scott shows little or no consideration for his mum Viv when he ups and leaves - to get his head together. With the shock of Vic's death still weighing heavily on her mind Viv needs to re-open her business. But her offer to Terry to help out is met angrily by Kelly who believes the two of them may want to rekindle their one-time affair. Graham moves in to Rachel's and immediately stamps his impression on the place. Rachel comes home to find her CD's stacked in alphabetical order and dinner cooking on the stove. Kathy approaches Stella to ask if it's possible for Chris to stay at Home Farm a little longer. Eric is apprehensive and tries to speak of her, but Stella says she'll consider the request, given the circumstances. Both Laura and Kathy are fussing round Chris while his sister Zoe has a few harsh words for him following the whole affair with Kim. Seth enjoys a parting gift from Kim. Ned is distraught that Dawn will soon be leaving, but decides they should enjoy their remaining time together.


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Memorable dialogue

Seth Armstrong: "Well, here's to Kim, wherever she is."
Zoe Tate: "You're not defending what she's done?"
Seth Armstrong: "No, but I wouldn't want to see her behind bars; she's too spirited for that. Frank tried to cage her in, then so did Chris - and that's where they went wrong."

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