Employment problems dominate the lives of the villagers. Lisa wants to take on Roy at the garage but when she suggest it must be above board - National Insurance and all - Zak nearly has kittens about it. Chris is joined by Kathy and Laura, for the grand opening of the new Tate Haulage company, only to discover that they lead vehicle in the convoy has had its petrol tank spiked with sugar and Tricia gets the wrong end of the stick when Alan tells her he wants to employ a bar manager. She believes the job's hers and wastes no time telling an incredulous Mandy. But there's disappointment for both girls when Alan says he's going to advertise. Will takes an early morning taxi to the airport while the rest of the lads sleep off their hangovers. Terry is the only one up and about. He wishes him well and gives him and video of his rugby trial as a memento. Ned is moping around having decided not to go to Ibiza with Dawn. Sarah finally loses her temper with him and tells him a few home truths and Zoe decides to get out and have a good time. But after driving to a gay club in Leeds, hesitates when she reaches the door.


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