The day has finally arrived when devious Eric can realise the worth of the Steiff teddy bear he swindled from Ned. Ned's far from a happy man having had an earful from Sarah the night before about his over-extended stay at the farm - and the loss of Dawn who flies out to Ibiza later that day. He's collected his things together to leave the farm but can't find the bear that belonged to his dead daughter Linda. He sets off to try and find it and a series of clues lead him to Eric and the auction. Bidding for the bear reaches £13,000 just as Ned enters the auction room. Eric is helpless to argue over the destiny of the money with Stella at his side - and Ned takes the cash with glee. Now he has the money to go to Ibiza with Dawn, but with time running out it will take a miracle for him to catch the flight. Roy and Biff try their best to get him there. Will he make it? Catty Tricia has the perfect answer when Mandy presents her application for the manager's job. With the war between them hotting up, Tricia vindictively knocks a drink over Mandy's professionally written CV, much to her anger.


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