Mandy and Tricia are crestfallen when Alan announces neither of them will be the new manger - he's hiring Bernice. Zoe meets up with Denise again and invites her back home for the night. Laura upsets one of the haulage firm drivers who immediately quits. But when the driver comes back to officially hand in his notice, Kathy follows him out and persuades him to stay. Chris is delighted much to Laura's annoyance. Scott arrives home and tells Kelly secretly, it's because of her. She says she wants to put the illicit Christmas kiss behind them and never speak of it again. Scott agrees, but there is clearly something between them. And Sarah tells Butch of Zak's begging. He's horrified and tracks his dad down in Hotten to give him a roasting. Zak's had a good day with Belle, playing on the sympathy of passing shoppers. He's made £15, but Butch forces him to hand it over to a real beggar. Later Zak begs Butch not to tell Lisa - or he'll be in for it.


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