The Vets practice is in turmoil when Zoe fails to turn up, nursing a giant hangover. Paddy is trying to hold things together but when Jack phones to say he's an emergency on his hands, he finds himself stretched. He tells Lyn to get out there with the equipment. The sheep is getting worse and Lyn has seen Paddy do the procedure before. So she decides to administer the injection. She's just finished as Jack walks into the barn. Seconds later the sheep dies leaving Jack consumed with rage. Kathy tackles Chris about Zoe's drunken revelation but tells him there's no way they will get back together. Later Chris reveals this to Laura and is shocked by he reaction. Roy turned down the chance to sleep with Kelly and is deeply upset when she tells him how right he was not to take advantage of her. They're great mates and that's the way they should stay. And for the first time in weeks Mandy and Tricia appear to be united again. They now have a common enemy, their overbearing boss Bernice.


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