Kathy leaves Chris heartbroken when she says they cannot get back together again. But Zoe gives him pause for thought when she says that the fact it took Kathy three days to make up her mind means she's not sure. Zoe staggers Paddy by saying they'll give Jack £1000 compensation. Paddy reckons this will be construed as bribery by a man of principles, such as Jack. Zoe is immovable. Mandy and Tricia have a laugh at Bernice's expense. They reckon her boyfriend Gavin, an oil rig worker, must be made to put up with her. Roy gives Kelly a driving lesson that ends in disaster, as she gets the car stuck in mud. Both end up covered in the stuff and in fits of giggles. Kelly tells Roy to come back to her place to clean off as there's no hot water at his cottage. But when Scott comes in an sees them both he gets totally the wrong end of the stick. And Marlon's plan to woo back Lyn misfires after he gets her a job at the diner. She gives him a peck on the cheek for his thoughtfulness. He goes for a real smacker and gets a real brush-off.


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