Lyn has Marlon wrapped around her little finger. She knows he's desperate to get back with her and sets him some tasks to prove he really does care for her. First she tells him to phone into work sick, then order him to sit out in the freezing cold until she tells him he can leave. And having passed that test, she then says he'll have to dye Eric's moustache pink. Poor Marlon hardly knows where to turn. Kathy tells Biff that she isn't bothered by Chris' relationship with Laura; meanwhile, Laura persuades Chris to make holiday plans with her. Stella upsets Eric when she invites the village to a getting-to-know-you party. He'd envisaged a more up-market gathering. Viv is also unhappy, as Stella had invited her to what she thought was an exclusive party. Roy is late for his driving lesson with Kelly, so Scott nips in first. But after scaring her with his high-speed driving, she's less than impressed. When he pulls in she gives him a real earful. But when he makes a pass at her, she starts to respond momentarily, until he brags about his scheme paying off. She gives him a slap in the face. Bernice heaps more misery on the two girls when she insists they smile more behind the bar. It leads to hilarious scenes as both serve customers with a permanent grin on their faces. That night, Roy confronts Kelly about his feelings for her and is sure she's just as drawn to him. She can't bring herself to deny it.


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  • Two customers served in the Woolpack are both uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,190,000 viewers (13th place).
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