Scott is determined to get Kelly to admit she is attracted to him. And he's equally determined to nip any possible chance of a relationship between his step-sister and Roy in the bud. Kelly is desperately resisting him, but the strain is beginning to cause he sleepless nights. Will he ever drop the subject? Marlon astounds Lyn, and causes much mirth in the village by sneaking into Eric's bedroom and dabbing his moustache with cochineal. Poor Eric doesn't realise and tries to conduct a serious business meeting with an upmarket client. When he realises what's happened he goes mad - but nobody knows, apart from Lyn and Tricia that Marlon was behind it. But Lyn has one final task for Marlon, which he is definitely not going to like. She tells him he must do a Full Monty at the bash being thrown by Stella at Home Farm. It's not Eric's day. He gets a rocket and is shown the door by Stella for trying to control her life. Chris and Laura invite Kathy to dine with them. She clearly wishes she were somewhere else. And Mandy is furious, yet powerless to act when Bernice tells her she wants her to work in the kitchen making snacks in the future. Bernice tells Sarah and Jack that Stella's face is very familiar, but she can't for the life of her remember who it is she reminds her of.


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