There's a real Dingle-wrangle in the offering when Zak finds out Lisa's gone against his wishes and booked a christening for Baby Belle. He wants a traditional naming ceremony and has invited Dingles from all over the country. What would they think if he breaks with tradition? Zak takes the bull by the horns and cancels Lisa's plans. But when she finds out she storms out and tells Ashley, the ceremony will go ahead. Home Farm estate manager, Eric, has some quick thinking to do when Stella confronts him with Chris's revelation that he paid £1 million over the odds for Home Farm. Donna returns to school causing anxious moments for Andy and the Sugdens. Kelly stuns Viv with an apology for the way she behaved towards her after Vic's death. It's clear her relationship with Roy is having a marked effect. And Bernice winces when Tricia casually makes mention of 'plans' in a loud conversation with Mandy. She quickly realises the girls saw her 'life-plan' when she caught them in her room.


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