Andy, who misunderstands what they were discussing, overhears Jack and Sarah's private chat about the social workers. And instead of going to school the youngster jumps on a bus and heads off to the city. Graham raises the alarm and after a fruitless search of the village, Jack is forced to involve the police. Lisa is left distraught and furious when Ashley informs her, the collection for the church roof vanished during the christening service. Zak gets it in the neck from his wife but tells her, while he was not involved, as a Dingle he was duty-bound to keep his mouth shut. Not surprisingly he's condemned to a night on the sofa. Rival haulage firm boss Sean Reynolds calls on Tate Haulage under the guise of a prospective client. While Laura's back is turned he flicks through some papers and leaves. When a deal falls though Chris and Laura realise they have been conned. Scott is less than impressed when Kelly tells him of Roy's proposal - and that she is seriously considering it.


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