The Sugdens are living on their nerves, as a full-scale search is underway to find Andy. Donna, who blames herself partly for Andy running away, secretly conducts her own search. She is certain she knows where he is. Andy has been slumming it in a derelict flat that belonged to his grandmother. Donna finds Andy and with some gentle coaxing persuades him to come home to the relief of everyone concerned. Zak decides to go back to his old ways and outlines a plan to Butch that will bring in a stack of cash. The only hitch is that it will involve Home Farm, which leaves Butch fearing for his job. Lisa gets a huge tax bill for arrears and unsympathetic Zak tells her that's the cost of her going legitimate. Chris and Laura believe the mystery caller must have been working for their rivals Reynolds Haulage, so Chris decides to pay them a visit.


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