Zak has masterminded a brilliant Dingle plan to bring in revenue - and get Lisa off his back. With Stella and Eric away he has persuaded a mate to bring a coach load of American tourists to Home Farm. Posing as tour guides, Zak and Butch tell the tourists they are at Bostwick Manor, a part of the 'Hidden Dales Experience', and relieve them of their cash as entrance fee. But when the tourists insist they were promised an audience with the Lady of the Manor - it looks like the well-rehearsed scam will come off track. Can Mandy save the day? A social worker assesses Andy's case, visiting both the Sugdens and the Windsors. Marlon teases Biff about his true feelings for Kathy. But with an embarrassed look, Biff tries to deny it all. And the battle between Sean and Chris hots-up as Reynolds Haulage poaches three more drivers on the promise of higher wages and bigger bonuses.


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  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,930,000 viewers (11th place - combined figure including repeat).
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