Chris revels in his business dealings, which he believes will be the start of the end for rivals, Reynolds Haulage. He's undercut them to win back a two-year deal from a big company. But Laura questions Chris's actions saying their first bid was at a rock-bottom price. Chris tells her he's prepared to lose money to get his way. It's the morning after Donna's revelation that she too knew Billy Hopwood was in the village before her father died. She's up early to avoid her mum, but when Viv appears she's calmness personified. She announces they are all going to the fair, as a family and that now is the time to move on and forget the past. Roy tells Scott that Kelly has told him to ask her again in a year about marriage. Scott secretly scoffs - this is exactly what he wanted. New vet Daniel is busy visiting farmers who've taken their business away from Zoe and Paddy practice. When he calls in The Woolpack for a pint, Alan grabs his chance to put a smile back on Tricia's face. Meanwhile, Paddy and Zoe have a full-scale row about the future of their business that spill over into personal insults.


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