Harry continues to play Henry and Jack against each other. Jack and Marian reconcile as she prepares for her cruise. Janie accepts Frank's proposal and he presents her with a self-made ring.


Amos writes out a list of possible wives after someone tells him that the brewery will be looking for a couple to run The Woolpack once it has been redecorated. Jack feels bad that he has ruined Matt's chances of a good job. Jack is embarrassed when he finds that Marian has read his book but they row about its content. Jameson tries to play Henry off against Jack Sugden by inflating the price of his farm each time he speaks to them. Marian tells Henry that she's decided to go on a cruise. Annie tells Peggy and Joe that Jacob told her he would be leaving Jack the farm. She tells them that it was his way of saying sorry to Jack as he couldn't say it while he was alive. Marian prepares to go away on her cruise. Henry leaves to do a bit of personal business in Leeds. He asks Marian to find out what's happened to Mrs Halliwell who was supposed to be doing their housekeeping as he'll need somebody when she goes. Janie decides to accept Frank's marriage proposal. He gives her a ring he's made. Joe and Jack argue about the farm. Joe tells him he doesn't deserve the farm, he wants him to give it to the family. Jack says if Annie agrees they are welcome to it. Janie tells Amos that she is now engaged and will not be able to become his barmaid. Jack tries a reconciliation with Marian, they kiss. Marian gets a call from Henry saying he'll be staying the night in Leeds. Marian and Jack resume kissing.


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