Ashley is a wanted man - at least as far as Mandy and Kelly are concerned. First Mandy tells him she wants to end her marriage to Butch, then Kelly arrives to fix a date for her wedding to Roy. Chris goes off at the deep end in trying to exact revenge on Sean . He turns up unannounced at Reynolds Haulage and when Sean finds him he's coolly looking through files in his office. Sean calls the police and Chris insists they take him in for questioning. At least that way he'll be allowed to tell the full story and his suspicions. But Chris is in for a nasty surprise. On Ashley's advice Mandy has got a marriage annulment form for Butch to sign. But just when it looks like she's convinced him this the right thing to do he suddenly realises what she's got planned. He will not sign the form to help her get back with Paddy - end of story! Viv takes the Windsor clan to The Woolpack to celebrate Kelly's engagement to Roy and Chris takes on Terry to be a security officer at his firm.


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