Mandy wakes up to find that she is a prisoner in her own home. And even her pleas to Butch fall on deaf ears. In a fit of anger, Mandy changes tact and attacks him, brandishing him a coward, who will never find love if he can't decide for himself what is right. Her outburst touches a nerve and Butch goes off in search of Ashley for advice. The mild mannered vicar finds it hard to comprehend Zak's actions and on his advice Butch finally releases the prisoner from her room. But will he now release her from their marriage? Tempers flare when Graham tears into Rachel about the party. And he erupts in fury when she ignores him, toppling over a CD rack. Scott plans a secret egagement party for Kelly and Roy. But his invites to Marlon and Biff immediately has them questioning his motives. And Eric is left a laughing stock when he realises everyone, except him, knows where Stella's wealth has come from.


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