Chris faces some important decisions over the survival of Tate Haulage. The devious businessman informs his clients that he will undercut any offer made by Reynolds Haulage. On hearing this news Sean bites the bullet and approaches Chris to suggest a partnership, but his efforts are futile. In this tit for tat war Sean soon hits back when he puts in a deliberately low figure for a contract, forcing him to undercut still further and operate at a loss. Rachel arrives home to find Graham has packed away her clothes to give to charity. He says he's going to buy her a new wardrobe, but she is not amused. Graham is furious and rushes outside to his car followed closely by Rachel. But when he sets off at speed she wishes she had left him alone. Scott charms his way to an interview at a computer firm. And before the day is through the teenager has managed to secure a two-week trial as a sales executive. Kelly receives some words of advice from Chris, who warns her that her planned marriage to Roy will not be an escape to a better life. Zoe is the harbinger of bad news for Paddy when she tells him that his ex-girlfriend Jane has phoned with the news that his mother has become seriously ill.


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