The course of true love has taken a detour for Biff and even Marlon's attempts to persuade him to admit his feeling for Kathy have hit a wall. Marlon changes tact and approaches Kathy about Biff's recent change of mood. On his advice Kathy tackles Biff and asks him what's wrong. And in a moment of honesty Biff reveals his true feelings, much to her surprise. But when he kisses her passionately, his joy soon turns to heartbreak. Rachel gets a huge surprise when she walks in to her living room to find Stella has set up a makeshift hair dressing salon. Graham reveals that he has organised the makeover of her dreams. But Rachel is not so sure. The transformation leaves Graham awe struck, but when Rachel finds a picture of his first wife she is disturbed to find that she has become her spitting image. Smug Scott tries to impress Kelly with his new job. When his attempts are ignored, he resorts to insulting Roy, telling her that he isn't going to end up like some third rate car mechanic. Zoe visits Tate Haulage hoping to see Frankie. But her attempts to engage her in conversation end in disaster. Jane Barnet visits the Dingles and tries to persuade Paddy to make up with his mother.


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