Biff rues the day he revealed his feeling for Kathy. He ties to talk to her but gets the cold shoulder. And when Pete arrives to ask her out to dinner, poor Biff is left feeling defeated. But Kathy and Pete's night out does not go to plan. And Pete realises that their date is about to come to an abrupt end. Is there hope for Biff after all? Paddy receives a phone call from his mother begging him to talk to her. But the genial vet's temper has been stretched too far. He is convinced his mother is playing games in an attempt to repair their relationship. But when they later meet his anger at her turns to concern at the news she gives him. Rachel is finding it difficult to understand why Graham has transformed her into the spitting image of his first wife. And her temper flares when she discovers he's given her television away to a charity shop without her permission.


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