The game is almost up for Paddy's conniving mother. She's had her son in a spin since she revealed that she only had a short time to live. Already she's caused Mandy and Paddy to split again and even suggested as a dying wish that Paddy might marry his childhood sweetheart Jane - just to make her happy. Paddy tells Mandy his mother's wish and while he has no intentions of carrying it through, Mandy decides it's about time she had a little word with Mrs Kirk herself. But after finding her home empty the trail leads to a health centre where Mrs Kirk is caught - working out on a fitness machine! Rachel and Graham get the hard word from headmistress Miss Strickland for wasting her time. Graham reluctantly admits he gave her the wrong impression about Rachel wanting to leave. Later Graham interrupts an illicit meeting by the school gates and as people rush away, he finds a packet of cannabis resin on the floor. Later that evening he chats to police sergeant Angie Reynolds in the pub and persuades her to visit the school to give a talk on the dangers of drugs. She agrees and says she'll bring along a sniffer dog to give a demonstration. And Zoe makes her party complete when she speak to Frankie and asks her to invite all the drivers at the haulage firm along.


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