Mrs Kirk is about to meet her Waterloo when Mandy puts Paddy in the picture about her dealings. And after putting their heads together they decide on the perfect plan to show Mrs Kirk that her game is up. In hilarious scenes Paddy goes to her home and as he stands at her bedside first Mandy enters the room - closely followed by the whole Dingle tribe. They've decided because she's so ill they're going to take it in turn to nurse her. Suddenly Mrs Kirk leaps from the bed and immediately realises she's been rumbled. And she's not the only one heading for a fall. Devious Graham plants the cannabis resin in Rachel's jacket and then invites her to come along to the presentation Angie Reynolds is telling the kids about the dangers of taking drugs. And when she demonstrates how the sniffer dog works - poor Rachel is left reeling with embarrassment as the dog heads straight for her. Rachel is lead away for questioning as Graham weakly protests her innocence.


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