There's a shock in store for Kathy when Chris takes her out to dinner to the hotel where they spent their wedding night - convinced that he can destroy her relationship with Biff. Over a meal Chris turns on the charm and he is delighted to learn that Kathy misses their moments of intimacy. However, Chris' plan to engineer a night together turns sour. Zoe's birthday party is as successful as her brother's night out. Her attempts to learn more about Frankie are hit for six when Sean informs her that she has had to stay behind and work. Worse still, when Frankie does arrive, it's with her partner Maggie! Rachel is finding it difficult coming to terms with her arrest, but agrees to go to The Woolpack with Graham. The atmosphere turns frosty when Angie walks into the pub and Graham loses his temper. But the argument comes to an abrupt end when furious landlord Alan suddenly collapses clutching his chest.


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