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Rachel's relationship with Graham has been an emotional rollercoaster. Since they started living together he's slowly, but surely, started to control every aspect of her life. And on the occasions she's tried to fight back, he's flown into terrible rages, storming out of the house to cool down. He's redesigned her home and her image, but she's stuck by him, because deep down she believes he's the man for her. Rachel sets her mind on telling Graham it's all over during a picnic at the local beauty spot called Burview Crag. Graham as ever turn the tables and produces an engagement ring and before Rachel knows what is happening she's putty in his hands again. But when Graham starts talking about a wedding in the South, Rachel rounds on him saying she's no intention of moving away. Meanwhile Gavin works his charms on smitten Tricia while Bernice butters-up infirm Alan at the hospital. Meanwhile, Seth is left in charge of the pub - pints all round, on the house! Eric works a number on Frankie claiming her erratic driving is responsible for a broken antique vase. Scott finally snaps telling Roy he slept with Kelly. But the husband-to-be finds comforting words from Tricia who says its impossible because Scott is impotent. And she should know from experience. Roy starts laughing. As temperatures rise, Rachel senses danger. She tries to escape but Graham traps her on a clifftop. After a short talk, Rachel realises Graham murdered his wife and made it look like she had committed suicide. In a panic, Graham pushes Rachel off the cliff and she falls to her death, hitting the ground below with a sickening crunch.


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  • This episode features the death of Rachel Hughes, but her body is seen in the next episode.
  • This hour-long episode was broadcast at 8.00pm due to an edition of Family Fortunes airing in Emmerdale's usual 7.00pm slot.
  • An extended version of the 1998 theme was played.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,060,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat).
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