Graham is stood at the top of the cliff at Burview Crag, shocked that he just pushed Rachel off the cliff. Graham tries to cover his tracks, leaving a message on Rachel's answer phone claiming he is waiting for her at the car. He calls Chris and Kathy by they both reckon Rachel must have got lost. Graham says that they were both racing each other through the woods and that is where she got lost. Chris says Rachel can look after herself so may be walking the 5 miles back to the village. Later, Graham approaches the police who say they can't do anything until first light. A search begins in the morning. Jack finds Rachel laying in grass at the bottom of Burview Crag, and is relieved, but when he walks up to her closely, he notices she is motionless and her body is very pale, and is devastated to find her dead. Zak consoles him but pulls Jack away from her dead body. Graham is relieved when others deduce that she must have fell off the cliff, meaning he is able to cover his tracks but pretends to be devastated. Devious Eric tackles Chris and Sean and demands compensation for the broken vase. Furious Chris approaches Frankie and demands an explanation - but the female trucker is left regretting her reply. Tempers flare when Roy reveals he has heard about Scott's little problem.


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