Emotions run high on the day of Rachel's funeral. Ashley has a run in with Kathy who is consumed with anger at a friend being snatched away so prematurely. She tells him she wants to make a speech, but he begs her not to go over the top. While Kathy is speaking in church, Graham almost gives away his guilty secret. At the back of the church Eric watches with interest, growing more convinced his gut feelings about Graham are true. Chris, full of regret about his relationship with Rachel, asks Laura if they can start again, but she says it isn't the right time to talk about it. Kelly leaves the service, as it brings back memories of Vic's funeral. Scott consoles her and agrees to not ruin her relationship with Roy. Sarah is shaken by Jack's grief for Rachel and asks if he only stayed with her because of the children. Seth laments that he keeps losing his friends. Mandy fronts up Roy about the honeymoon and he's forced to admit that he missed the deadline for payment and lost his deposit. So far he hasn't dared to tell Kelly. Alan is discharged to attend the funeral, and later, leaves Bernice shocked when he calls a staff meeting later that day. He's decided not to sell the pub. And Zoe is annoyed to learn that Chris has fired Frankie over the broken vase episode. Eric confides in Stella that he thinks Graham murdered Rachel.


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