The big day arrives for Kelly and Roy - but their wedding is bound to be anything but smooth. For although there are no pre-wedding jitters, there are a few mattes that need resolving. Mandy tackles Kelly and asks if she is sure about marrying Roy. The bride-to-be convinces her she is making the right decision, but Mandy is shocked to learn that Roy has kept their honeymoon a secret. Mandy goes in search of Roy and warns him that unless he reveals the truth, his marriage will be doomed from the start. A sheepish Roy visits Kelly and admits that their wedding night is going to be spent at the Dingles and not abroad as she had thought. With twenty minutes to go before the wedding, Viv and Scott rush to the church with the news that there is going to be a slight delay - something which delights Ned, who has decided to attend the wedding after all. But will the unlikely couple tie the knot?


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  • Last appearance of Ned Glover until 27th July 2000.
  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 26th May due an edition of Coronation Street airing at 7.00pm, which allowed coverage of the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,500,000 viewers (9th place).
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