Eric is determined to learn the truth behind Rachel's death. He attends Rachel's inquest and watches with interest as Graham takes the stand to give evidence. But, it is all he can do to sit still, when Graham begins to tell his 'version' of events. When the coroner records a verdict of accidental death, Eric leaves convinced that Graham has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. And in the quest to see that justice is done, Eric turns to the one person who might be able to help - Police Sergeant Angie Reynolds, but will she believe his story? When Jack gets emotional about Rachel during his testimony, Sarah takes it as a fresh betrayal. Devious barmaid Tricia has a plan up her sleeve. She is convinced she can persuade Chris to back her bid to buy The Woolpack by using her feminine charms. Tate Haulage is close financial ruin and Chris turns to Zoe for help. Kelly is dreading moving back to the Windsor's after a week alone, before Roy comes up with an idea which could solve their problems. Joseph has his first birthday without Rachel. Betty continues to try and match up Emily and Butch, but her efforts hit a setback when Emily says now that she knows he's married in name only, she can't spend time with him, as he might make a move on her.


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