Biff is surprised to find Kathy has spent the night playing nurse-maid to Graham. And he is taken aback when he learns of Graham's suicide attempt. Fearing for his safety, Kathy suggests that Graham should stay with her for a while. Biff decides to strike while the iron is hot, and over a romantic meal summons up the courage to ask Kathy to marry him. But the moment is shattered when Graham enters, intent on taking up Kathy's offer. Sean is annoyed when Angie puts an offer in on a house behind his back. And his mood is not improved when his wife threatens him - he's to meet her at the solicitors or else! There is uproar at Tate Haulage when Laura gives Chris and Sean ultimatums - either reduce wages or sack half the work force. And Chris and Sean are left seething when Laura tells Frankie that the board is also going to take a pay cut. Tricia is over the moon when Alan agrees that she can hold a 'Hollywood' theme night. But the tempestuous barmaid takes offence when Bernice offers to help. Butch becomes concerned when he learns that Emily is off work due to illness.


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